Why use a landscape design? This question has been asked many times and the answer is simple....

To save money, time, and to take the guess work out of landscaping. The cost of replacing plants because they are not suited to the right sun exposure, moisture levels, or are improperly planted can get frustrating. A design will guide you on  the type, spacing, placement, and watering needs to ensure the plant will thrive in the landscape. The replacement costs can far exceed the cost of the design. Would you build a home without architecture plans? 


The process begins with a quick email or phone conversion. This is a good opportunity to chat and see if Alexia can help with your landscape needs. Once the initial contact is made a consultation is set up to walk through the property to look at plant health, sun exposure and site conditions. After the consultation a custom landscape design for your property will be created and sent to you via a digital PDF. A follow up phone conference will be available for any questions or concerns. 


You will have a unique landscape plan for specific to your property which will allow the DIY homeowner to install according to their time and budget. Or you can send the design to several landscape contractors for a bid request. 


Depending on your specific needs, wants, and desires we offer landscape consultations, half yard (front or back), or full property landscape designs.